We're a little bit different.

We're super proud to bring a pretty unique experience to the Colorado photobooth scene. Traditionally, booths have enough room to squeeze 2-3 people inside, max. That's no fun! So, we decided to do things a little bit different. By setting up in an open area, there is plenty of room to pull all of your friends into one big, gigantic, amazing shot. There is even enough room to throw a backflip (no joke, we’ve seen it!)

We also want our shots to pop, so we use a professional SLR camera (Canon 60D for you photography addicts) with a real studio strobe/flash. This ensures our images are sharp and evenly lit so you can strike a pose in confidence.


All of this is bundled up in a beautifully streamlined package that won't be an eye sore at your event. We even custom designed our booth's interface to make it as easy as possible to get your guests snapping away!