How do we access the photos?

The day after your event we will post all of the digital files to an online gallery where anyone can access, share and download them. Bonus: All of your shots will be copyright free so your guests really can do whatever they’d like with them!

To make life easy, we also offer printing through your online gallery. Order the photos you’d like and I’ll ship them straight to your door.


How much space is needed?

Not much at all. We will need about 9’x9’ to setup and then a 3 prong power outlet within 25 feet of the booth.


My event is outside. is that ok?

Heck ya! We love to take in those Colorado views. We just ask to have level ground, be within 25’ of a 3 prong outlet (or have a generator), and if possible have a backup location just incase those afternoon storms roll through. 


Do you have backdrops?

Totally! We have a couple of really beautiful backdrops we can bring free of charge. We have also seen some amazing examples of folks using the venue wall as a backdrop. And if you’re feeling creative, making your own is always a stunning way to make your shots stand out from the others.

Are you with a business? We can work together to make a custom backdrop with you company’s logo. Pretty slick for your next holiday party. 


Do you travel?

Yes! We can even get our booth onto a plane if you're not in Colorado.

A small travel charge will be added to events more than 50 miles from downtown Denver.


What if we’re having a party for the youngsters? Is the booth too tall?

Absolutely not! Before the event, we have the ability to adjust the height of the booth based on who will be using it.


What about props?

This is hands down the best way to add your own personality to the shots. For this reason we always suggest you bring or make your own for the event. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, no worries, we can always bring a few props with us too.